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Sparkles in the Sky

Sparkles in the Sky

A sprawling garden venue can make the grandest of grand finales possible

Holding your wedding reception at a sprawling garden venue certainly has its perks.
Because of the considerable viewing space, having a display of fireworks is a nice
way to cap off the evening. Invite the guests outside with glasses of champagne on
hand, and make a toast just before the fireworks go off. It also makes for a good
addition to the sweet memories captured in photographs.

Palazzo Verde sits within an expansive 23,000 square meter property of gardens
and lush landscapes. With several designated areas for viewing, fireworks display
has become an iconic feature and a much-anticipated grand finale to the weddings
held at the garden venue.


Otherwise, it can be a feast that extends until midnight or a romantic quartet serenading you and your guests amidst a blanket of stars.