Jovic and Rosil

Our love story began during high school back in 2007.

Jovic was setting up someone to Rosil. But after a lot of exchanged text messages where the setting up became love quotes and song lyrics. From Jovic’s “It never even crossed my mind that I would fall in love with you” by the great band Kamikazee to Rosil’s “Stop right now thank you very much” by the one and only Spice Girls (yes, she actually said this in person) which luckily became “You were the first to touch my heart and everything’s right again with your extraordinary love” by MYMP.

Almost 13 years of being “consistent close friend” (due to no official date of relationship) and tons of memories later, we’ve gone from the thin teenagers to very very healthy young adults, from studying for exams to building careers and from the daily commutes in Las Piñas to travelling different parts of the Philippines and Asia.

A few months ago, Jovic finally proposed during a magical snowfall in Japan where everything seems to be perfect, and Rosil said YES!!! We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!

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