The Bold and the Brazen

Palazzo Verde has been in the industry for almost a decade now and we’ve seen a lot of beautiful ceremonies. However, there are still a handful of new trends that we get to encounter that leaves us in awe. Here are 8 garden wedding trends that we made us love what we do even more.

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Luscious Color Palettes

In recent garden weddings, the subdued pinks, gold, chrome, and other favorite neutrals are giving way for cheery, bright hues to take the center stage. Bridal bouquets are taking on a more spring-feel no matter what the season, and colors are also finding their way to other implements such as invitations, décors, and place settings.

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Unconventional Wedding Gowns

Yeah, veil is still a staple, but modern brides are becoming more experimental with their wedding dresses. The dainty lace is given a spin as part of a power suit, and neoprene becomes the top choice. Apart from the style, colors are also beautifying the aisle with jewel-toned dresses.

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Fashion-conscious Grooms (and groomsmen)

What we particularly like about garden weddings is that people can be forward with their fashion choices, but one thing we never saw coming is the arrival of the fashion forward men in weddings. Not that we’re complaining, we are actually loving how the groom and his groomsmen are using fashion references for their choices.

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Exciting Cocktail Treats

Why reserve the spirits for later? Let your guests have fun by serving freshly made, ice-cold cocktails before the reception. You know what’s more fun? Instead of having a bar where they get to be served, create a spirits section where they can create their own cocktails.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 5.45.16 AMNon-traditional Shoes

A pair of slingbacks, pumps, or stilettos used to be a bride’s top choice, but modern brides are realizing the value of comfort over aesthetics. We’ve seen brides donning comfortable boots, wedges, and some even use their favorite sneakers for their big day. We get the point. After all, you are celebrating your union in a very fabulous garden wedding venue. You should also enjoy yourself as much as your guests.

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