Sealed with a Kiss

On the day of your wedding, everyone is excited—read: frantic! From your coordinator, to other suppliers, to the members of the entourage especially your Maid of Honor, everyone wants to make sure that all the small details are addressed just before the ceremony starts. However, this is your big day and you would want to remember it for all the right things. As the bride, you have to set the mood so everyone should follow.


Here are some of the little extras you can do to make your garden wedding more adorable.


Write your husband to be a love letter

Send him a note that says “Wake up, love! I’ll see you at the altar.” This will definitely put a smile on his face. You may even make your note sound a little informal by saying “PS, I’m the one wearing the white dress!” You may even send him a breakfast tray with his favorite breakfast food. It may be just a small gesture, but it sure is sweet.


Play a little naughty

You know how a little “preview” makes everyone excited about the things to come? Here is a tip, although it may not be for everyone—take a snapshot of yourself wearing your wedding lingerie and send it to your husband to be. Say something sexy like “Promise to dance well at the reception and you will get this!” If you are not a fan of sending pictures on your smartphone, messaging apps are equipped with voice messaging so you may also send him sweet notes.


Surprise him with a wedding gift

You remember that watch he so wanted to have? Or how about that pair of running shoes he has his eyes on? A wedding gift for your spouse to be maybe grand or simple, yet for him to receive something that he really likes on the morning of your wedding day makes it more special.

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