Private Weddings by Palazzo Verde

We have hosted our fair share of weddings of all shapes and sizes, but nothing quite stands out as those with the atmosphere of closeness among guests. The celebration is more heartfelt and simply quite more fun. We know you are carefully planning your guest list to focus on only those closest to your hearts. Our event packages have been carefully thought of this time to follow just that.




Introducing Private and Intimate Weddings by Palazzo Verde. We’ve designed your wedding packages to allow for a more meaningful celebration with the people closest to you. This extraordinary times we are in also presents us the opportunity to mount for you, an elegant wedding that’s sure to create memories to last you a lifetime.





A term coined by THE KNOT, this new trend allows couples to honor their original date of the wedding by celebrating their union with only a small group of loved ones now while rescheduling the celebration with a full guest list in the near future. Palazzo Verde and its accredited partners can help you plan this remarkable twist of plans during these unprecedented times.





For couples who are getting married at this pandemic era, your love story will be one for the books, the stuff of family legends, and a memorable story for grand kids. It is a strong statement of your bond together and how you survived the challenges this unusual times have presented. It is quite an honor to be part of your story book.



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