Love on your finger

Truth be told. Deciding on your wedding band may be one of the most important decisions you will have to make for your wedding, as it is that one thing that will ever be present after you say ‘I do’. The wedding band is an outright expression of your undying love and commitment to each other so it pays to give it some deep thought and consideration. Not to mention that your wedding band may also be a very good determinant of your personal style.

Gone are the days that the wedding band is just a simple ring. With a wide array of design styles, choosing the right one for you may be overwhelming. What color should you pick? What design fits your lifestyle? How much should you spend on the ring? There are a lot of factors to consider in selecting your wedding ring, let alone one that would get your partner’s approval as well.

Before indulging yourself in a wedding ring spree, it is always best to do your homework. The last thing that you want is for it to be an impulse-buy.

Base it on your lifestyle

The ring should be able to reflect you and your lifestyle. Chances of you taking off this ring are slim, to none, so pick something that you will never regret wearing even during commute or a day at the gym.

Timeless and Classic

If your wardrobe is dominated by plain neutrals and clean-cut ensemble, you may very well fall under this category. You’re partial to non-diamond rings and straight-to-the-point wedding bands. Wedding bands of this type usually get their charm through playing around with a mix of metals, textures, and finishes to achieve a simple but striking look. Play around with matte, brushed metal, inlays, ribbed edges, or even filigree. Vintage rings are also becoming popular these days. Consider Milgrain engraving to instantly add dimension and interest to a classic ring.


Do you frequent the gym or love to take on a mountain adventure? The most important thing for you to consider is durability. Look for bezelset rings and avoid prong or basket design at all times. Bezel-set is ideal as it firmly secures the stone through a thin band of metal along the gem’s girdle. Avoid heavily patterned rings that would make scratches and dents more obvious. Platinum, which is silver-white in color, is generally more durable than gold and other metals but it is also vulnerable to scratches. Platinum is used 95% in pure form so it is relatively heavier compared to gold rings.

Fashion forward

Are you the type who is not afraid to make bold fashion choices? Then go ahead and don’t let the wedding band traditions limit you. Instead of the usual eternity band, select ones with a distinct shape like a rounded square ring or multiple-armed ring. Instead of a linear rim, opt for one with twisting bands that gracefully embraces your engagement ring.

For better or for worse

It is also important to consider the maintenance of your ring before finally committing to a particular design. Ensure your wedding ring lasts a lifetime by selecting a jeweler who has the skill to deal with resizing and restoration. This way, gaining weight during pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue as you can just have your ring enlarged. Some metals are also better than others in terms of restoration. For instance, it would be easier to restore white gold than yellow gold, as the former only needs a new coating of the white metal plating.