How to Get the Biggest Discounts for your Wedding

The truth is that it is a huge task to choose suppliers for your big day, let alone to plan it. Much of the excitement comes to a halt when practical and time-consuming meet-ups, negotiations, and endless exchanges of messages take center stage. As a full service events venue, Palazzo Verde have partnered with top suppliers and together they make the necessary preparations easy for brides and grooms to-be.  The idea is to get suppliers who have running work history together. Your venue should be able to assist you with this.

The good news is that Palazzo Verde is offering you just that plus more. This month, you are invited to the RSVP, a one day event only that gathers all partner suppliers to offer discounts, savings, and freebies to everyone. Upon booking your venue and date, you are entitled to 4 discounts in the form of vouchers and freebies. Hopefully, you are booking ahead of the RSVP schedule to leave you time to contemplate on your suppliers of choice. After all, you are lucky to have been given this rare opportunity, you might as well make the most it.

Here are a few tips to use up your vouchers wisely.

1.     Book at Palazzo Verde early. This allows you time to study the portfolio of each participating supplier.

2.     Ask your Account Manager about the details of the sale and if you need assistance in booking appointments or requesting for a service call, they can do it for you.

3.     Take time to ask different suppliers what their offerings are for the RSVP prior to the actual event. This allows you compare and make priority listings.

4.     Decide on your top, second and third choices for the major cash voucher. This is so that when your top choice have already been picked before your turn, you stil have plan B and C that gives you optimal value.
5. Put the RSVP date on your schedule. If you are unable to make it on the day, ask your coordinator or a relative to represent for you.
For assistance on your RSVP choices, you may contact us thru 02 710 8545, 0917 870 3838  or click here to inquire:

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