How to delegate your wedding planning to-do list

Seriously now, it should be the only task that you will do yourself- delegate. For everything else, you have friends, family, and your coordination team to plan for the wedding of your dreams. Whether you are preparing for a small or big wedding, one thing is certain- the list of things to do grows bigger as the date approaches. So save yourself from a good deal of stress and walk through these tips to help you survive the planning stage.



Involve your fiancé and talk about what you and he can handle together and separately. Then discuss about which friends and family members you guys trust enough to have major and minor involvement in the preparations. After all, this is going to be one of the many decisions you will have to make in your married life. What better way to start than here.



Unless she is your best friend and a master planner at the same time. Understand that your basis of choosing a Maid of Honor is not on her ability to follow through on the checklist and produce results. Then you might as well assign your head coordinator the job of wearing the next most beautiful dress behind you. After you’ve delegated millions of tasks upon her like a boss. Your Maid of Honor is presumably your best friend or closest friend whom you might take to the bridal shop and assist you on the most intimate wedding stuff. One would rarely choose to do it alone. It is almost always fun to bring along your most loyal critics to help you pick the right dress or make the last adjustments.

Do not – not assign her a significant role either unless if she is not physically present and lives somewhere overseas and flying home for the occasion.

The worst thing is to have your best friend as your Maid of Honor and not involve her in the process. If you are feeling a bit of a control freak and finding it hard to delegate, try on the simplest tasks. You’ll realize the bonding moments during the preparation time mean as much as the ones on the day itself.



Identify which friend or family member is good at or know of specific areas of interest and ask them to help out on these items.  For example, someone who is a foodie might be a great help at choosing your caterer and going to food tastings with you. A family member who has a production background will surely fit in the program assignment . The authority figure, whom no one in the family can refuse,  would be best person to assign who will sing, dance or make a speech at the reception. This will save you a lot of trouble trying to figure out whom to assign what.

There are also wedding experts you can call on to. If you haven’t chosen a coordinator yet or are not planning to hire one, there are online outfits that offer wedding preparation consulting for a minimal fee. This might also be worth checking out.

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