How to color a Garden Wedding?

Of course we get the allure of the black and white wedding; all classic and elegant like a scene from an old MGM film. Yet, there are tasteful ways on how make your garden wedding beautiful and exquisite even with the use of bright colors. Here are six simple ways on how you can make use of your favorite hues for your big day without the troubles of being tacky.



Ditch the neutrals for save the dates and wedding invitations and go all out with splashes of different colors. You may opt for colored envelopes or colored fonts, or incorporate a favorite photograph or painting. For a garden wedding, there are tons of inspirations that you may use for your entire stationery.


Go bold with red!



There are still those who would like an all white, three-tiered cake for their reception, but hey, the bridal cake is now an essential “décor” of the wedding venue so you might as well reconsider adding pops of colors. More and more couples extend their color motif to the cake, but here is another trick: make it more memorable by infusing it with your day’s most auspicious color.


confection-1  Now cakes are not only meant to satisfy your cravings for sweets



Weddings are a treasure chest of traditions, but you can certainly update them to make your garden wedding feel truly your own. Instead of throwing grains at you while you leave the church, you may add colorful bits of papers to go with it. That way, you get to follow the tradition, but your wedding photos will be more exciting.



During the reception, the couple is usually placed on the stage on a plush tufted sofa, and more than ever, the sofa is white. Imagine the white-on-white disaster when you finally sit on it while wearing your ethereal wedding dress. We say it is best that you break the monotony of neutrals with deep hues like velvet crimson, or satin cobalt blue.



Cheery hues for your lips and cheeks are always a welcome treat for a garden wedding. Cotton candy pinks or juicy peach blushes add a warm glow to your aura. The key is to work with your makeup artist and find the best tints that work best for you.



Runway shows are showing more colors for bridal designs both for the brides and bridesmaids, which are perfect for garden and outdoor weddings. Apart from the dress, accessories such as bejeweled clutches, colored footwear, ribbons and sash, and dramatic chandelier earrings with colored stones are also effective way of incorporating colors to your garden wedding ensembles.

fashion-2 Jimmy Choo resort 2017 fashion-3Of course you can wear colored shoes to your garden wedding. Take your cue from Jimmy Choo’s Resort 2017 Collection

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