Haute Hues

Last September, Pantone released its Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Report, which presents a very refreshing collection of spectacular new colors to accompany you on your most important journey—the walk down the aisle. For your garden wedding, here are our fearless forecasts for the most inviting color motifs to make your most important day a complete feast for the senses.

Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow (Pantone 13-0755)

Joyful and warm, this new shade of yellow will definitely make your day cheerful. Definitely a very good addition to the surrounding verdant greens of your garden venue, you may pair it with existing colors such as Monaco Blue (19-3964) or Dusk Blue (16-4120)


Greenery (Pantone 15-0343)

What better way to dress up your garden venue than by adding more greens? However, Greenery is not your typical green. It exudes a certain kind of brightness that inspires you to create new traditions. The invigorating character of this color comes more alive with shades of pink like Pale Dogwood (13-1404), and Pink Champagne (12-1107)


Hazelnut (Pantone 14-1315)

While we promote the use of bright colors for your garden wedding this 2017, we cannot overlook this delicious neutral that conjures images of subtle grace and elegance. It’s unpretentious appeal is best paired with Poppy Red (17-1664) or Flame (17-1462)


Kale (Pantone 18-0107)

Derived from a plant that is associated with health, this hue is a toast to a kind of lifestyle that puts a premium on quality. It reminds us of abundance and fertility. To let this color shine, offset it with Honeysuckle (18-2120) or Lavender (15-3817)

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