Celestial Celebrations

At Palazzo Verde, we make your special day more than just the giant ferns, the rustic bridge ways, the charming horse-drawn carriage, the fascinating gondola ride, the tastefully adorned mid-century- inspired church, the charming gazebos, and the expansive greens—we allow the sun, the moon, and the stars to take part in your celebrations.

As the premier garden wedding venue in the Philippines, Palazzo Verde dazzles you with conservatories that take after the quaint Italian courtyards, ceilings that are a testament to beauty with hand-painted details, ballrooms that are generously cut and finished with lavish fine points, an atrium that looks up to the vast sky that drastically changes colors from the coolest hue of blue to fiery tones of crimson before completely engulfing you with the dark of night, and a plethora of picture-perfect settings for capturing precious moments.

For brides to be, we know you probably think of your wedding day to be the best day of your life. Although the preparations for a wedding ceremony may at times take their toll, but you have most likely reconciled them with yourself that they are worth the stress. And believe us when we say, yes they are.

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