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  • Date – Sunday, October 28, 2018
  • Venue – Palazzo Verde Function Hall
  • Doors open at exactly 9:00 am. Sale hours are from 9am to 2pm.
There will be no extension for the Sale. All discount cards must be used via booking the supplier during the sale only.



  • RSVP is an EXCLUSIVE, BY INVITATION ONLY event. Only booked clients are eligible for entry to avail of the sale. However, we will accept last minute venue reservations on October 28, 2018. Same day venue bookings are qualified to the RSVP. These new venue bookings will be able to get a queuing number to the discount cards AFTER they book their venue or Palazzo Verde package.
  • Unlike the past 2 RSVP events, this year, we are giving CASH CARDS instead of simple discounts. These cash cards works two ways- clients can either use it to avail of a discount or buy additional services, items or upgrades. They are as good as cash.
  • Freebie cards does not function as a discount card, instead, clients will be entitled to set services, items and upgrades upon booking with chosen supplier.
  • A help-desk will be stationed at the lounge to receive sale-related inquiries and clarifications.




  • Where the queuing numbers are to be given. Clients’ booking date will first be verified before being given a queuing number.


  • Where clients will choose their respective cash and freebie card when their queue numbers are called


  • Where client can book suppliers. Client may enter this area after claiming their cash and freebie cards.



  1. Max of two (2) representative per supplier is allowed inside the sale area to accept bookings and reservations. The sale will last only for 3 hours.
  2. Max of two (2) persons per event booking can only enter the sale area. They must be already booked in Palazzo Verde in either venue rental or package.
  3. On top of the venue discount, each event booking is entitled to 1 (one) major and one (1) minor cash cards, and one (1) freebie card; all 3 will be selected by the clients when their queuing numbers are called.
  4. Client will choose three (3) different suppliers for the cash and freebie cards. They cannot choose the same supplier more than once.
  5. Cash and freebies cards are valid for supplier’s standalone packages and Palazzo Verde’s Packages.
  6. Available CARDS will be displayed electronically for everyone to see. Upon confirming their choice of cash and freebie cards with chosen suppliers, the display will be updated and said client will be given the actual cards.
  7. Client can proceed to the selling area to begin transaction with suppliers.
  8. Clients must pay a reservation fee (P1,000 to P10,000) directly to the supplier in order to confirm their booking and avail of the CASH VOUCHERS and FREEBIES with their chosen suppliers.
  9. CASH VOUCHERS and FREEBIES are not to be used as payment for reservation fees.
  10. In the case of Basic or All In Package bookings, reservation fees will be deducted from the clients’ payable with Palazzo Verde. Then, the same amount will be deducted from the suppliers’ receivables from Palazzo Verde.
  11. Bookings done at the sale are non refundable. Should the client decide to cancel the booking with supplier, the discount shall no longer apply to another supplier.
  12. Clients are not allowed to swap cash vouchers / freebie card with one another.
  13. Should clients wish to change their cash vouchers / freebie card , they will have to get another queuing number in order to do so. And only if they haven’t booked yet and have not been issued a receipt by the supplier yet.
  14. Only one card can be replaced; clients will be given one (1) chance to change their card.
  15. Discounts apply to the regular stand alone packages of suppliers. All suppliers have regular stand alone packages which they offer to clients who book a venue only at Palazzo Verde. These regular or standard packages are made available to clients who will inquire before and during the event.
  16. Discounts also apply to Palazzo Verde event packages. Any upgrades with suppliers will not be subject to the discount.
  17. Hence, any upgrades –whether from stand alone or Palazzo Verde packages, will not be covered by the discount. Upgrades mean both increase of no. guests from the min of 150 to upgrades in the inclusions or package cost.



As of September 18, 2018


  • Centertable Catering
  • Hizon’s Catering
  • Josiah’s Catering
  • Juan Carlo the Caterer


  • 15-58 Flowers and Styles
  • Flowers of May
  • Scenta Creations and Event Styling
  • Weddings N Motifs


  • Casamento Events Management
  • Events by Lily
  • Jhune Salud Weddings and Events
  • Shayne Ganalon Wedding and Events


  • GQ Mobile Bar
  • Liquid Mobile Bar
  • Shots Mobile Bar


  • Black Tie Entertainment
  • Gary Silangcruz Musical Entertainment
  • Muzzique Vox


  • Nice Print Photography
  • Smart Shot Studio
  • Wally Gonzales Photography

More suppliers coming up!



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Disclaimer: Values of cash vouchers and freebies and participating suppliers are still subject to change.

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