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GARDEN SERVING: Ditch the traditional white plates with fine designer flatware for your

wedding day

We get the timeless beauty of white, but it has long been associated with weddings and we feel it is high time that we create new traditions, especially for garden weddings. Apart from the dresses, there are other implements in your wedding celebration that could make use of colors—and lots of them!

Take for example the plates. While we do not have any problems with being served the most flavorful dishes, you have to admit that place settings may use a bit more of personality. With the finest linen and the elaborate table décors, the dinner plate must also be given a creative spin. Here are some of our choices to get you inspired when choosing your table implements for your garden wedding.

Samarkand 1

Samarkand 2

Samarkand 3

Camel-Samarkand Mandarin, Horse-Samarkand Aquamarin, Elephant-Smarkand Rubin-Fruehstuecksteller, all from Villeroy and Boch <>



Inspired by one of the oldest places in Central Asia, Villeroy and Boch created this line with vivid images of this Uzbekistan City that are teeming with a combination of Moroccan and Arabian flair. These plates are sure to make your garden wedding more interesting by providing more colors to the already verdant surroundings.

Fun and Funky 1

Fun and Funky 2

Fun and Funky 3

Polka Dot-Hopscotch Dinner Plate, Kate Spade Charm Collection, Dragonfly-June Lane Dinner Set, all from Kate Spade <>


The trademark Kate Spade doodles and prints found their way to dinner plates and added points to the excitement on wedding banquets. Perfect for garden weddings with quirky and bright motifs, these plates not only make receptions parties more fun, but memorable as well.

Casual Elegance 1

Casual Elegance 2

Casual Elegance 3

Horse-Cheval D ’Orient Soup Plate, Siesta Island Set, Cheval D’ Orient 32cm Presentation Plate, all from Hermês,



Experience the rich prints of French luxury brand Hermés through its dinnerware that features the various icons associated with the fashion house.



Garden Party 1

Garden Party 2

Garden Party 3

Garden Party 4

Christian Lacroix Maison Butterflies, Philippe Deshoulieres Dhara Peacock Bread &amp; Butter Plate, Philippe Deshoulieres Dhara Peacock Set, Marchesa for Lenox Dinner Plate, all from Bloomingdales



A premier and luxury garden wedding venue, weddings at Palazzo Verde are always an enchanting fete with nature. Why not extend these affairs to the dinner table with these fabulous finds from top designers? Take your pick from our selection and have a grand garden party!