Private Weddings by Palazzo Verde

We have hosted our fair share of weddings of all shapes and sizes, but nothing quite stands out as those with the atmosphere of closeness among guests. The celebration is more heartfelt and simply quite more fun. We know you are carefully planning your guest list to focus on only those closest to your hearts. […]

Romancing The Palate

Aside from the intensified feeling of passion in the air, there seems to be an influx in the purchase of saccharine and spirits whenever the day of hearts is fast approaching, and why not? Chocolates and wines are proven to be good for the heart, throw in a romantic atmosphere—plus a selection of savory dishes—and […]

Garden Serving

We get the timeless beauty of white, but it has long been associated with weddings and we feel it is high time that we create new traditions, especially for garden weddings. Apart from the dresses, there are other implements in your wedding celebration that could make use of colors—and lots of them! Take for example […]